I graduated (MFA, 2012) from BYU where I focused on portraiture in painting and printmaking.  I’ve been living and making art in Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho.  I am from Elmira NY.

My portraits are of my friends and people I know and admire.  I am influenced by folk aesthetics of new England and contemporary painters such as Alex Katz and David Hockney.  But I most feel akin to Italian artist Modigliani, who was ever searching and never there, and never let paint get in between him and the sitter.


instagram: #nickbontorno

Solo Exhibitions:

2015 “Salt and Woodsmoke” Spori Gallery, BYU Idaho.

2015 “Prints” Larson Gallery Provo UT.

2014 “The beginning of Autumn” HBLL Library, Provo UT.

2013  “Still Portraits”  Spori Gallery, BYU Idaho.

2012 “Portraits” MFA exhibition at Harold B. Lee library, BYU.

2011  “Recent Portraits”  Salt Lake City Public Library, Sweet Branch.

2011 “As the Dust Settled”  HBLL Library, Provo UT.

2010  Abandoned East Abandoned West.  HBLL Library, Provo UT.

Group Exhibitions:

2014 “5” Group show at Art Museum of Eastern Idaho.

2012 “Origin/Destination” Printmaking Exchange with University of Hawaii.  2 shows: Provo/Oahu.

2011  “Global Echo”  Traveling Printmaking Exchange show.

2011  “No Middle Ground” Printmaking show from the permanent collection of BYU Idaho.

2011 “Masterpieces”  MFA Sampling.  Group show.  4th floor HFAC gallery

2010 “Mixed Tape”  Printmaking exchange show in BF Larson Gallery.  BYU.

2010 Religious Art Competition.  Springville Museum of Art.

2010 “Definition of Space” MFA Group Show at Utah Valley University Library.

2009 “National Printmaking Competition” CIAO Gallery.  Jackson Hole.

2009 “National Portrait Competition” CIAO Gallery.  Jackson Hole, WY.

2009  “Think Ink.”  The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, Idaho Falls, Invitational.

2008  “Hats off to the Arts” Animal Humane fundraiser.  Central Michigan University

2008  “The prints and the Proper.”  The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, Idaho Falls.

2007  “50th Anniversary Alumni Invitational.”    Atrium Gallery, Corning, NY.

2007  “Southern Tier Biennial.”  Olean Public Gallery, Olean, NY.

2007  “Carriage House Screenings.”  Arnot Art Museum.  Elmira, NY.

2006  “Outside the Box: An Exhibition in Contemporary Art.”    ASFL Gallery, Corning, NY.

2005  “Regional Gmeiner Art Competition.”  Gmeiner Art Center.  Wellsboro, PA.

2003  “14 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.”  Atrium Gallery.  Corning, NY.


Elmira College

The Museum of Eastern Idaho, Idaho Falls

Brigham Young University- Idaho

University of Hawaii

Monte L Bean Museum


2012  Brigham Young University MFA-painting and printmaking

2009 Brigham Young University-Idaho BFA-printmaking

2004-5  The Lyme Academy of Art- Connecticut

2005-7  Elmira College- New York


One thought on “CV/statement

  1. Hi, Nick, I hope this finds you well! How are things out west?
    All is good with us, still here in Lyons, NY. We talked a while ago about the possibility of purchasing some of your prints or paintings, and you mentioned they were all in storage. Just thought I would check back in to see if anything has changed on that front? Hope all’s well with you,
    Kind regards,
    Elaine Sinniger

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